Asics Badminton Shoes

Which Shoes Are the Best for Badminton?

There are many brands of badminton shoes on the market, but if you are looking for a brand that can be trusted with standard trainers, why not turn to Asics.

Asics dates back to the 1940s and began making sports shoes in the 1950s. Since then, the brand has talked about developing shoe technology that helps athletes perform better.

Asics Badminton Shoes for Men’s

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Asics Badminton Shoes for Women

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Lightweight Asics Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes are made using light materials. The lightweight nature ensures that the foot will be comfortable and will cause the wearer to move slowly. and they will be calm

More appropriate shoes can cause accidents and injuries, especially when players are not used to wearing them.

In case you are even remotely interested running, you’ll have seen the space-age technology Asics has been equipping their footwear.

Asics has completed an amazing job in creating shoes that not only look futuristic Rather They also offer high performance.

Generally, You think it’s all high-tech mumbo-jumbo means nothing. But in actuality, an unimaginable quantity of analysis has gone into every pair of Asics shoes you put on. Under is a short abstract on the technologies current within the latest Asics running shoes.

Asics has begun to brand their shoes as Adaptive Running Shoes. It basically implies that the shoe adapts to the wants of every particular person runner. Think about a pair of shoes that react in real-time to offer the wants of the runner exactly when he wants it.

Types of Asics Badminton Shoes for Men and Women


Asics badminton shoes

Badminton can be played in singles or doubles. But no matter how many players are on the court, everyone has to stay on their feet. Players’ movements may vary according to their style of play, which means that their badminton shoes may have different needs.

According to Asics, badminton players can be ranked in the backcourt and net players.

Back-Court Player

Athletes who play near the baseline or at the end of the net are called back-court players. They tend to maintain a steady rhythm in their movements.

According to the brand, this type of athlete needs badminton trainers who can stabilize and support their heels as soon as they turn sharply.

Back-court players also need a lot of impact protection under their feet as they move from one position to another. And since they need more stability, the foot needs to be dragged well into the back so that they can move freely without having to worry about the shoes flying.

The Asics Gel Hunter 3 is a great example of footgear. It has several cushioning units, including a Gel and a removable insole, which reduce the impact when spraying or jumping. Its collar is made of foam to provide a good heel hold.

Net Player

Athletes who play near the net are, of course, called net players. Their main method of play is to attack. They need immediate attention when turning from one direction to the other.

Because they are more aggressive than their sport, they need their shoes to be close to the ground. The low-profile single unit gives them more flexibility on the legs and at the same time stability.

Outsole must be a major stimulus to support an aggressive turn without hurting the knee. A milestone is also important to keep the player moving without any hassle.

An amazing example of this is the Asics Gel Blade 7. The AHAR+ outsole provides maximum grip on the indoor court while a large axis point in the center of the forehead reduces the pressure on the knee by quickly turning. The collar is made of foam which helps in heel lockdown.

What can expect from the Best Asics Badminton Shoes?


Asics Badminton Shoes

Asics has been in the shoe business since the 1950s when it released the first basketball shoes. Although in this history When the brand entered the world of badminton So that’s pretty obvious but the only one can imagine this That’s when it comes to badminton trainers So Asics is just as complicated.


The most typical sort of fabric used on Asics badminton is mesh. Mesh is comfortable. It permits the foot to broaden naturally all through the day and contributes to the pliability of the shoe. Another excuse why this material is extensively used is due to its breathability.

It permits warmth to dissipate and stops warmth and moisture buildup within the foot chamber. Contemporary air from the surface additionally helps regulate the interior temperature of the footwear.

As a result of mesh, cloth is soft, it might simply be snagged or torn. Artificial overlays are used to strengthen high-wear areas that embody the toe field, the eye stay (the realm surrounding the holes for the laces), and the heel.

Other than defending in opposition to abrasion, they also assist with foot containment and steadiness.


Badminton includes lots of quick, bouncy actions. Thus, badminton shoes from Asics are sometimes geared up with a number of layers of cushioning materials.

Essentially the most generally used midsole technology is (EVA) ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. It’s pliable, light-weight, and has ample bounciness to help energized takeoffs and take in shock from landings.

The semi-liquid Gel part is discovered within the heel of some Asics badminton shoes. It enhances trauma and calm. Although Asics uses multiple layers of Cushing units, their midsoles are built to be ground-less.

It permits gamers to maintain their heart of gravity low, which helps them preserve their steadiness even when they transfer and alter instructions always.

The bottom of the Asics badminton trainers is protected by a special layer of rubber. It is commonly made of gum rubber, but proprietary use technologies such as AHAR and N.C. Rubber can also be used for the underside.


 These three kinds of rubber share some related traits: they’re mushy, pliable, and really grippy on indoor courts. They’re also non-marking which suggests no ugly streaks will probably be left on the floor whenever you put on Asics badminton shoes.

The outsole can come in two types, full length, and classification. An outsole of one length covers the entire bottom of the shoe in rubber. A split section has sticky rubber just under the heel and under the toe.

The first kind offers more traction whereas the latter has extra flexibility to it. Additionally, the segmented outsole usually comes with an arch reinforcement referred to as the Trusstic System.

It’s a piece of inflexible plastic that forestalls the twisting of the shoe and likewise helps with stability.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do Asics badminton shoes cost?

Usually, the cost of these shoes ranges from $90 to $150. Novices may find this price a bit steep but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here at NamalStore, we try our best to give you the best deals for the shoes of your choice.

Just click on a pair that will give you more information about it and more information about the price offers from our fellow retailers.

You can get more than $ 30 off on your selected pair of badminton shoes.

What kind of rubber is used on my Asics Badminton Shoes?

Probably the most generally used rubber on badminton shoes is gum rubber. It is soft and naturally sticky Which is why it’s so interesting on indoor court floors.

Some Asics badminton shoes work on special rubber such as NC and AHAR Rubber. Both treat gum soles equally but are engineered to be stronger against abrasion.

Why are there discs/circles on the outsole of my Asics badminton shoes?

Some models have discs or axis points on the outsole. They’re normally situated under the ball section. They assist reduce friction by decreasing stress on the knees.

Why are Asics squash and badminton shoes listed in the same category?

The movements are similar when playing badminton and squash. Thus, shoes made for badminton can also be used for squash, and vice versa.

Can I use my Asics badminton shoes for streetwear?

Preferably, no. Although some use durable rubber outsoles, they’re still prone to get damaged. First of all, the sticky sole easily attracts dirt which can reduce its ripples on the badminton court.

Second, the rough surface of the floor can destroy the outsole. this way the decreasing its lifespan as an indoor sports shoe. Also, there are much better options for streetwear than badminton trainers.

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They come in various styles to suit our style and wants, and the cushioning unit on them is designed to provide comfort during extended periods of wear.

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